Featured OCA Blog of the Week:
Thinking Globally

Thousands of you have been active in OCA’s Web Forum, but did you know it also contains a section where folks, like you, are setting up their own blogs. Just go to the forum and click on the “blogs” link on the top. We’ve been featuring many of your web forum postings in past issues of Organic Bytes, but we’d like to shift our focus to some of your thought provoking blogs, as well.
Here’s a recent blog entry by “radicalmom”:
“My thoughts regarding this whole planetary mess into which we have found ourselves are diverse and complicated…I have been lucky enough in my travels to be exposed to alternative ideas and have explored all forms of thought in relation to planetary actions and mind-set. My leanings are esoteric and have molded my philosophic approach to troubles and strife, be they local or global. A solution came to me in the form of less than ten words: Our “planetary issues are metaphysical”. Most will say it is the “least likely” answer. I say that it is the “most probable” answer…”
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