Fast Fashion 101: Everything You Need to Know


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Lydia Noyes of Eco-Watch reports:

“Fast fashion” refers to mass-produced clothing that’s made quickly, cheaply, and in trending styles. The goal of fast fashion marketers is to get runway styles into shoppers’ hands as quickly as possible, no matter the quality or external costs.

“These trendy pieces tend to be of poor quality, and most won’t last more than a few wash cycles. But that’s no hardship for the buyer because they didn’t invest much to begin with.

“Fast fashion has upended the clothing industry. It’s turned updating your wardrobe from a semi-annual investment to the equivalent of ordering takeout…”

Why is Fast Fashion bad? As Noyes points out it (1) It increases carbon emissions; (2) Overproduces toxic textiles; (3) Pollutes water systems; (4) Harms animals; and (5) Exploits workers.

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