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Exercise Your Power!


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Food is the great uniter. It’s not a luxury, it’s not even optional. It shouldn’t be political—but unfortunately, it is.

When food corporations pour millions of dollars into lobbying Congress in order to influence everything from the approval of chemical additives to subsidies for soil-wrecking industrial agriculture practices, they don’t discriminate between Democrat and Republican, Independent, Libertarian or Green Party. They throw as much money as they need, in as many directions as possible, to buy influence.

As consumers, we need to be equally indiscriminate in our support of politicians who are on the right side of the food and natural health movements. We need to identify and support those politicians, regardless of party affiliation, who are already on our side. And we need to support new, up-and-coming candidates who are willing to engage with us, and listen.

From a recent Food First report:

Remember the great 2016 presidential campaign debate about food and agriculture, the backbone of human nourishment and survival? Remember when the candidates were forced to articulate their stances on soil regeneration, farm subsidy inequities, labor abuse in the food industry, and how to rein in pesticides and GMOs while expanding organic diversified farming? Remember when the media pressed candidates to explain how they would make food and farming equitable, truly sustainable, and deeply healthful for generations to come?

You didn’t forget—it never happened.

That’s right. Major parties, minor parties—it doesn’t matter. Food and agriculture are being left out of the conversation. The only way these critical issues will ever make it onto the public political stage is if we, the people, make it happen.

Whether or not you felt (or still feel) “the Bern,” one thing to come out of the Sanders campaign is something called “Our Revolution.” You might think this campaign is open to, or relevant for, only the Bernie supporters. But we’re going to ask you to look at it this way: Anyone who cares about food (and soil and health), regardless of their political party preference, can participate in “Our Revolution” and become a voice for a sane, healthy food and farming system.

“Our Revolution” recently put out a call for people to organize house parties. We’re calling on consumers everywhere to host a party (or join one) and to speak out, often and loudly, about the need for politicians to address our degenerative food and ag system, and promise to be part of a regenerative solution if they want our votes.

Remember: Real change comes from the bottom up. It’s possible that some of us may speak up and not be heard. But it’s guaranteed that if none of us speak up, none of us will be heard. Let’s get in on the ground floor of this next revolution. Let’s insist that the food movement be recognized as a powerful political force!

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