Earth Week Goodies


Earth Week is just around the corner (April 19-26), and the OCA wants to make sure you have your eco-toolbelts equipped with all of the necessary materials to help educate people and move the country toward positive change.  Whether you are attending an Earth Day event, throwing an environmentally focused house party, or just bringing some helpful reading materials to leave on the office break-room table during Earth Week, the OCA has a full menu of green goodies for you to print, copy and circulate:

  • Find local Earth Week events. Go to and choose your state in the dropdown menu on the left. When you arrive at your OCA state page, click on the "Events" link on the top right.
  • Print, copy and hand out OCA’s fact sheet (PDF) on how children are affected by pesticides in foods. The statistics come from U.S. government agencies, and are quite shocking: /old_articles/organic/wic-faq.pdf
  • Facts and Myths About Biofuels: Can Ethanol and Biodiesel Save the World?
    The OCA and hundreds of organizations around the world are sounding the alarm on this dangerous fraud. Download and print this handout: /old_articles/BiofuelsFacts5.pdf
  • Give Peace and Peas a Chance: Organic foods, the war in Iraq and global climate change are all intimately related. Download and print this handout: /old_articles/GlobalWarming5.pdf
  • Consumer tips for avoiding misleadingly labeled "organic" and "natural" personal care products laden with synthetic ingredients: /old_articles/bodycare/CCad05.pdf
  • Spread the word about your Earth Week events. Add to OCA’s events