Déjà Vu All over Again


Déjà Vu All over Again

It was only a matter of time.

The money has started raining down in Oregon and Colorado. Money from the usual suspects’€”Monsanto, Pepsi, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, General Mills. For the usual purpose’€”to keep you in the dark about the GMO frankeningredients in your food.

This week, Monsanto dumped a cool $6.2 million into Colorado and Oregon anti-labeling campaigns.

In all, the Junk Food and Gene Giants have spent’€”so far’€”$20 million to scare voters in Colorado and Oregon into voting against their own best interests.

We know these huge contributions buy the best advertising and public relations firms in the world, whose star professional liars stay up nights dreaming up creative ways to twist the truth and obscure the facts.

We know this money has an impact.

We know it was money, not the facts, and certainly not the truth, that defeated GMO labeling laws in California and Washington State.

Monsanto hopes that if the opposition throws enough money at the problem, it, meaning you and I and millions of like-minded consumers, will go away.

But we also know this. We have the truth, the facts and the momentum on our side. And we aren’€™t going anywhere. Are you with us? If so, please consider a generous donation this week so we can lend extra support to the Oregon and Colorado GMO labeling campaigns. Thank you!

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