Monsantos glyphosate Roundup bottles on a store shelf

Deadline Extended: Tell EPA to Ban Monsanto’s Roundup!

July 23, 2019 | Alexis Baden-Mayer

Organic Consumers Association

We now have until September 3 to let the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) know why glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto (now Bayer)’s Roundup herbicide should be banned.

TAKE ACTION: Click here to directly submit your comments to the EPA on why glyphosate should be banned.

Organic Consumers Association and our allies have delivered 149,559 signatures to the EPA. The signatures were collected on petitions like this one (please sign if you haven’t yet).  

But so far, the EPA has accepted only 2,747 comments, because the agency screens out submissions that are “duplicate/near duplicate examples of a mass-mail campaign.”

That’s why we need you to tell the EPA, in your own words, why glyphosate should be banned. If you want to include scientific evidence in support of your lived experience, check out this fact sheet by U.S. Right to Know. 

When you add your comments to the EPA’s glyphosate docket, you’ll be making history just like the:

• 55 percent of Bayer shareholders who gave company management a vote of no confidence, blaming Bayer’s takeover of Monsanto for the company’s $39-billion loss in market value. 

More than 100 localities that have stopped using Roundup, including Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami. This month, Maryland’s highest court granted a final victory to Montgomery County, the first county to ban toxic pesticides on private and public property! If you’re interested in banning Roundup from your community, check out these resources for a Pesticide-Free Community and get in touch with us here.

• More than 13,400 Roundup-exposed cancer victims who have sued Monsanto, including Alberta and Alva Pilliod, a married couple awarded $2 billion by a jury that found their non-Hodgkin lymphoma was caused by exposure to Roundup.

What’s next for Millions Against Monsanto? 

We’re lobbying Congress to ban glyphosate. You can help by asking your members of Congress to introduce a federal bill to ban glyphosate.

We’re planning a “Storm the EPA and lobby day to coincide with the introduction of a federal “ban glyphosate” bill. We’ll gather Roundup-exposed cancer victims, top-level scientists with the latest research on the health and environmental hazards of glyphosate, successful farmers and ranchers who are living proof that we don’t need Roundup weedkiller to grow food and local leaders who have banned Roundup from their cities.

Our first events will be in Washington, D.C.. Then we’ll take the campaign to ban Roundup to St. Louis, Missouri, in October for teach-ins and rallies timed with the next Monsanto trials and World Food Day, the tenth anniversary of the first Global Day of Action against Monsanto

Right now, our one job is to get as many unique comments on the EPA’s Glyphosate Proposed Interim Registration Review Decision. Please use this form to tell the EPA, in your own words, why glyphosate should be banned.