Daniel Horowitz: Desantis’ State Compact Against ESG Is the Blueprint To Fighting Federal-Corporate Fascism

March 19, 2023 | Source: Meryl’s COVID Newsletter | by Meryl Nass

While we all slept for a number of years past, the federal government has worked with global governments and corporations to remake our society, economy, culture, laws, and policy. More recently, these governments and corporations have built an enforcement mechanism against anyone on the wrong side of “total state” values. It’s a trap of human life, liberty, and property that is seemingly incorrigible save one escape hatch that still remains in Madison’s original design. Now Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is utilizing that escape hatch and plowing a path for using it on every other important issue of our time.

In announcing a 19-state alliance against the environmental, social, and corporate governance jihad on American values and liberties, DeSantis has actually done something more significant and impactful than potentially running for president. Many of us believe the federal government is irremediably broken.