Like most of you I was disillusioned, or rather disgusted, by the shallowness and hypocrisy of political discourse and campaigning leading up to the mid-term elections of November 8. The 24/7 political posturing and hysterics, the so-called “fight to save Democracy,” proved once again that left and right, red and blue (or green), Democrat and Republican, have very little meaning or integrity nowadays. Neither party (including the Green Party, which I once supported), nor their candidates offered up real solutions for our continued manipulation and domination by the national and international ruling elite and the Deep State, the Pharma-Silicon Valley-military-industrial complex.

Neither party talked about putting an end to the bloody and dangerously escalating war in the Ukraine, heading off a pending war with China, and solving the global hunger and poverty crisis that fuels the civil wars and forced migration in the Global South. No one talked about the Frankenstein at the Door—the ongoing, out-of-control genetic engineering of everything—and the biological and nuclear arms race that threatens not only a new pandemic, but our very survival.

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans talked about the links between the global food crisis, Big Ag and Big Food poisoning us and our children, Big Pharma poisoning us with toxic drugs and gene-therapy “vaccines,” corporations polluting our environment, Silicon Valley and giant media conglomerates (and their advertisers), eating up our time, warping our minds, and surveilling us, and the overall alarming state of our health—mental, physical, and spiritual. Not a single candidate (or at least very few) talked about actually solving the climate crisis and the rural economic crisis with a combination of renewable energy, energy conservation, and organic and regenerative food, farming, and land use.

Name me a single politician who campaigned on making people and the environment healthier with organic food and farming; who told the full truth about COVID-19 (its origins, nature, virulence, mandates, treatment, and prevention) and the dangerous and ineffective rushed to market “vaccines” that now have injured or killed millions; who talked sense about negotiating peace in Ukraine and working together with other nations to solve the planet’s ever more threatening crises (food, energy, climate, poverty), instead of waging war or escalating sanctions; and who supported bodily integrity and freedom of choice for everyone (women’s right to choose abortion and everyone’s right to choose whether or not to be injected with an experimental drug). Name me one candidate for office that laid out a real program for improving the living standards and quality of life for all Americans, especially our children, our grandchildren, and our elders, based upon real life, presently-existing best practices (such as organic food and farming and regenerative health practices) that desperately need to be financed and amplified all across the nation and the world.

Establishment politicians and both major political parties in the U.S. have proved once again that they are morally and politically corrupt, out of touch with the needs and aspirations of everyday people, the middle class, the working class, and low-income communities alike. My estimate—please correct me if I’m wrong—is that 90% percent or more of the nation’s 500,000+ elected and appointed officials need to be thrown (voted) out of office.

OCA is ready to roll up our sleeves and plant the seeds of peace and disarmament, not war. We are ready to join arms together with the overwhelming majority of people who are fed-up and determined to regenerate, not just our food and farming and our health, but our politics as well. We don’t have to agree on every single issue in order to work together. But we must move beyond the empty politics, hyper-partisan polarization, and moral depravity of the Establishment Democrats and Republicans (and the billionaires and millionaires who aid and abet this madness.)

Watch Russell Brand on how the Mid-Terms have distracted us from the fact that we are drifting toward nuclear war in Ukraine.

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