Cuba, Up Close & Personal

Cuba—Up Close & Personal


Looking for a way to celebrate the end of the growing season? Or a new way to celebrate Thanksgiving? 

Mark your calendars for November 20-29, 2015, for the fifth trip to Cuba organized in partnership with Vía Orgánica, the Center for Global Justice and the Organic Consumers Association.

The relationship between Cuba and the U.S. has changed significantly since President Obama first announced big policy changes in December 2014.  Times are also changing for Cuba’s agroecological farmers. (Check out this article about Fernando Funes, a friend of the OCA, who is doing amazing work in organic production.) 

Sign up for our November trip, and you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at what the food production and cooperative scene really looks like in Cuba. The trip will include visits to a variety of food-related groups and enterprises and cooperatives, as well as other experiences that puts Cuba in context.  You’ll discover that Cuba doesn’t have it “all figured out.” At the same time, you’ll be inspired by new reflections that will transform your vision on sustainable food chains and cooperatives. 

This trip is ideal for folks who are passionate explorers and researchers (formal and informal) in quest of the answer to “how do we transform our world?” Your experience will be enriched by your amazing fellow travelers—all professionally related to food production, policy and cooperatives.

Find out more and reserve your spot now!