Creating Dangerous Lab Viruses


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A warning from the well-respected Bulletin of Atomic Scientists:

“Creating dangerous viruses in the lab is a bad way to guard against future pandemics… The federal government continues to fund such experimentation, but, as scientists, media, and online sleuths have delved into the origins of COVID-19, they have revealed weaknesses in past and current government oversight of projects modifying viruses… In 2004, the National Academy of Sciences listed “seven experiments of concern” that should not be done:

1. Demonstrate how to make a vaccine ineffective

2. Confer resistance to antibiotics or antiviral agents

3. Enhance a pathogen’s virulence or make a non-virulent microbe virulent

4. Increase transmissibility of a pathogen

5. Alter the host range of a pathogen

6. Enable a pathogen’s ability to evade diagnostic or detection modalities

7. Enable the weaponization of a biological agent or toxin.”

There are currently labs across the U.S. and the world carrying out these reckless and insane experiments, including weaponizing (engineering new variants of) SARS-CoV-2 to make it even more transmissible and virulent.

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