person eating McDonalds french fries

COVID Made McDonald’s a Public Health Savior

Obesity made COVID outcomes worse, so governments partnered on jabs with the junk food chain, because of course.

February 22, 2023 | Source: The DisInformation Chronicle | by Paul D. Thacker

Back in 2004, Morgan Spurlock rocked the movie industry with “Super Size Me”, a film about a unique medical experiment: what happens to a man’s body if he eats nothing but McDonald’s three times a day for 30 days? Disgusting, right? Leaders at the fast-food franchise panicked, launching a PR campaign to attack the film, while also dropping the “super sized” food options from their menu.

Officials at McDonald’s denied that removing the “super sized” offer was a response to the film, but nobody was fooled. Known for lampooning corporate culture, artist Ron English played off “Super Size Me” with his release of “MC Supersized” a fat Ronald McDonald which he describe as, “What would Ronald McDonald look like if he actually ate at McDonald’s?