Maybe it’s that you don’t want to put your mouth where other mouths have been. Or maybe you’ve been sucking for so long, sucking has become your default setting. You are thirsty. You are at lunch, and your waiter just brought you a cold glass of water.

Enter the straw.

“What a fine liquid-extraction device,” you don’t think to yourself, because no one really ever thinks about the straw. You finish sucking, and toss it into a recycling bin, because it is plastic, and you are a good person.

Dear good person: Straws are not recyclable.

They will sit, defiantly undecomposed, in landfills.

They will float out into the clear blue sea.

They will end up in a viral YouTube video, lodged in the bloody nostril of an endangered sea turtle.

So goes the message of a burgeoning movement that makes a specific, surprisingly bold request: Please stop using disposable plastic straws.

A growing number of bars and restaurants across the country are choosing to no longer offer straws, unless they are requested. Oscar-winning actor Tim Robbins, narrator of the new documentary “Straws,” does not want you to use straws. Adrian Grenier, “Entourage” hunk turned U.N. Environment Programme hunk, has put out the word that he wants you to #stopsucking. Model Brooklyn Decker, hip-hop trio De La Soul, and celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson all care about this straw situation so much that they were willing to appear in yet another line-up-multiple-celebrities-in-a-row PSA, in which they allow straws to be smacked out of their mouths by a giant octopus tentacle.