Closed Door, Open Mind?


Last week, the OCA, along with our allies at Occupy Monsanto, delivered Monsanto’€™s Minion Awards to seven congresspersons. Their achievements? Collaborating with Monsanto to take away states’€™ rights to regulate genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and showering the Biotech Bully with special favors like the Monsanto Protection Act.

Five out of seven of the Monsanto Minions let us deliver our awards. But the only two Democrats on the list, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Mark Udall (D-Colo.) shut their office doors.

Sens. Warren and Udall made the list for advocating for voluntary, rather than mandatory GMO labels ‘€“ a move almost certain to kill state and federal mandatory GMO labeling laws.

Can we change Sen. Warren’€™s mind? We have reason to believe that she might be more open-minded than we thought about mandatory GMO labeling laws, thanks to a statement her deputy press secretary, Matt Cournoyer, made to the Huffington Post. Still, we have a lot of questions, and so far, Mr. Cournoyer hasn’€™t answered our calls or emails. It’€™s time to light up the phone lines in Sen. Warren’€™s office. Are you in?

TAKE ACTION: Call Sen. Warren’€™s office. Ask her to rescind her request to the FDA for voluntary GMO labeling guidance, and support the Boxer Bill, S.809, for mandatory labeling of GMOs