“Vaccine Hesitancy” or Elements of Refusal?


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Charles Eisenstein writes:

“As of a September 2019 Gallup poll, only a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic, Big Pharma was the least trusted of America’s 25 top industry sectors, No. 25 of 25. In the eyes of ordinary Americans, it had both the highest negatives and the lowest positives of all industries. At No. 24 was the federal government, and at No. 23 was the health care industry. These three industries form a neat troika (though at No. 22 was the advertising and public relations industry, which facilitates the work of the other three.)

“Given the track record of the pharmaceutical companies and their regulators, no wonder a large percentage of the public is ‘hesitant’ to get their COVID shots… “

“The term ‘vaccine hesitancy’ is patronizing and presumptuous. It encodes a smug certainty that official messaging on the vaccines is reliable, that reigning medical paradigms are sound, that the knowledge medical science produces is trustworthy. Science is real! Duh.

“In fact, there is increasing reason to believe that just as in the past, the pharmaceutical-regulatory complex is distorting, hiding, and manipulating data to support its narrative.”

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