Can Large Confinement Dairies Actually Become Regenerative?


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Gosia Wozniaca in Civil Eats reviews the efforts of several large corporate dairy brands (Danone/Horizon, General Mills, and Stonyfield), some of whose farms are certified USDA organic, some not, to reduce their carbon footprint and improve the environment even as most of their suppliers continue to feed herbivore cows grain and keep them confined in barns most of the year. Are these dairies and dairy brands truly moving in a regenerative direction, or is this just another example of corporate greenwashing, with minimal improvements designed to increase corporate profits?

Read the article and decide for yourself: Is the Future of Big Dairy Regenerative?

Last fall Wozniacka wrote about a large (1,800 cows and 2,500 acres) ROC-certified (Regenerative Organic) free-range dairy and chicken operation, Alexandre Family Farm in Northern California, that truly is regenerative. Read more here: The Nation’s First Regenerative Dairy Works with Nature to Heal the Soil—at Scale

For information ranking organic dairy brands, consult the Cornucopia Institute’s Organic Scorecard