Campaigning Against Frankenfoods, GE Bioweapons, Environmental Destruction, and War


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We need to put the brakes on Frankenfoods, glyphosate, and toxic agrochemicals, lab-engineered fake meat and dairy, biological weapons, rushed-to-market experimental GE drugs and vaccines, out-of-control politicians and technocrats, and warfare, violence, and exploitation in all of its manifestations. There is a practical, true-and-tried, solution to all of our inter-connected crises: Regeneration, Natural Health, Community-Building, and Planting Peace.

OCA and our family of organizations pledge to step up our educational campaigns, grassroots lobbying, and litigation. At the same time, we will highlight the positive solutions that are right under our feet, at the end of our forks and knives, and ripe for implementation in the realm of grassroots political action and resistance.

But we need your help.

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