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"Many people say that it’s impossible to eliminate GMOs, because of the powerful companies behind them. But I say, that even though it will not be easy to eliminate GMOs, it can be done – if enough effort and courage is put into this issue.’€
‘€“ AJ Adkins, Bar Mitzvah speech, June 16, 2012

When AJ Adkins stood up to give his Bar Mitzvah speech last month, he did a brilliant job of weaving today’€™s critical issue of the dangers of GMO food into his speech, tying the issue to a passage from the Torah.

But AJ didn’€™t stop at using the opportunity to educate his audience ‘€“ he went on to show, by example, how everyone can help. He donated a portion of the money he received to the Organic Consumers Association ‘€“ money we will put toward our continued GMO education efforts.

According to AJ’€™s mother, most of the 200 people who heard AJ’€™s speech knew little or nothing about GMOs ‘€“ and they thanked AJ for explaining the issue. AJ also distributed GMO shopping guides and pamphlets on the health hazards of GMOs.

From all of us at the OCA, a big ‘€˜thank you’€™ to AJ for his creativity and generosity! You can make his donation go further, by following his example. Please consider a contribution today!

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