"Corporations can now patent genetically engineered organisms and the use of genetic information. Our own biology has become territory to exploit — offering a new vista for accumulation when nearly everything we once held in common has been privatized.
"Without the imperatives of capitalism, would we have invented terminator seeds or other forms of planned obsolescence? Would we focus more resources on producing technologies that cause cancer than on finding ways to cure it? Without these imperatives, what else might we create?"
"As capitalism extends further into every aspect of our lives, health is increasingly determined by the distribution of capital, and not only as a result of hospital bills. Until a few generations ago, all food was organic; now this is an additional selling point, and an expensive one. Health food co-ops in wealthy suburbs offer the latest fads in nutrition while other neighborhoods don’t have grocery stores, only corner stores. This mirrors the production process, in which migrant workers are exposed to pesticides while their bosses sit in orthopedic chairs."
– Excerpts from the book Work: Capitalism, Economics, Resistance by the CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective

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