Count Your Victories

It’s easy to focus on the battles we’ve lost, and the battles yet to come.

But let’s not forget the victories. One of the most important accomplishments of the food movement is this: You are driving a wedge between Monsanto and the food industry.

The largest national retailer of organic foods, Whole Foods, is forcing food manufacturers to label GMOs if they want their products to stay on the shelves in Whole Foods stores. 

One of the fastest-growing chain restaurants, Chipotle, will eliminate GMOs from its menu items.

Abbott Laboratories just announced the launch of a new GMO-free version of its Similac infant formula.

Food manufacturers are tired of carrying the water for Monsanto. They’re tired of consumer boycotts, bad press, slumping profits.

We’re still a long way from the food system we want. But when big-name brands make big changes, rival brands take notice.

We still face GMO labeling battles in many states. And a potentially uphill battle in Washington D.C. against Rep. Mike Pompeo and his band of states’-rights obliterators. We will have to dig in, hunker down, marshal our resources to preserve states’ rights to label GMOs.

But with your help, we’ll win. 

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