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Donate today to help us take down Monsanto and build a new Regeneration Movement.&hashtags=resist,regenerate Donate today to help us take down Monsanto and build a new Regeneration Movement.&hashtags=resist,regenerate

“I think that it is conceivable that we could wake up and we could have activists controlling literally the local level in a way that we’ve never seen before. With that power, we’d have the sovereignty to pass legislation that really fundamentally affects people’s lives.” – Micah White, Occupy activist

We can’t hammer home this point often, or loudly, enough: As long as the people who sit on our local school and park boards, on our local city councils, who pass and reject legislation in our state capitals, who govern from the halls of Congress—as long as those people do the bidding of local businesses and chambers of commerce, or large multi-national corporations like Monsanto and Exxon, the only future we can look forward to is a future of poor health, a polluted environment, a broken democracy, and a socially and economically unjust society.

We saw it with GMO labeling. More than 90 percent of Americans, consistently, supported mandatory labeling of GMOs. Big Money defeated labeling initiatives in California, Washington State and Oregon. But Vermont lawmakers listened to their constituents. Vermont passed a strong GMO labeling law, and watched as corporations like Campbell’s and Hershey’s began to comply with that law.

Until Congress, beholden to Monsanto and Big Food, killed GMO labeling for good.

As more news comes out about possible collusion between Monsanto and EPA officials to bury the truth about Monsanto’s poisonous chemicals, as more lawsuits are filed and more whistleblowers speak up, we are planning to ramp up our campaign against Monsanto, on behalf of consumers like you.

But we’ll need your help. Both to support our broad and intensified campaign against Monsanto. And to get new, responsible, ethical leaders elected at the local, state and federal level. Leaders who will work for us—not corporate America.

Conceivable? We think so. A matter of survival? Absolutely.

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