Blowin’€™ in the Wind?

It’€™s being called the ‘€œboldest single step the U.S. has taken to fight global warming.’€

The Obama Administration this week proposed a plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by setting stricter new limits for carbon emissions from gas and coal-fired power plants.

We’€™re all for doing whatever it takes to avert a global warming disaster. But it’€™s going to take more than just reducing the amount of carbon spewing out of power plants.

Conservative estimates show that conventional, industrial food and farming account for roughly 35 percent of all carbon emissions. Deforestation, driven mainly by cattle ranching, palm oil production and GMO grains, accounts for another 20 percent. What’€™s more, sustainable, regenerative agriculture has the ability to take CO2 out of the atmosphere and store it in the soil’€”where it’€™s needed to grow healthy plants.

When it comes to climate change, the answer isn’€™t necessarily blowin’€™ in the wind’€”it’€™s also sitting right under our feet.

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