Consumers and farmers in California and New England have been taking
action over the past year to protect their local communities from genetic
pollution by passing local, city, and county ordinances banning genetically
engineered (GE) crops. Cities, counties and townships that have passed
such laws say this regulatory need stems from the fact that organic
farmers and non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) farmers have been
increasingly losing money every year as GMO pollen from neighboring
fields contaminates their crops. In response to these ordinances, the
biotech industry and corporate agribusiness are striking back with a
vengeance. At least 12 states have recently passed "Monsanto laws"
taking away the rights of cities and counties to ban GE crops. Now legislators
in California, the nation’s most important agricultural producer, are
responding to the lobbying power of the biotech industry and are threatening
to pass a controversial law that would take away local rights to regulate
GMOs. The OCA is actively involved in trying to stop these "Monsanto
Laws" from being passed . Get involved: /old_articles/ge-free.htm