The timing couldn’t have been more fortuitous.

This year,’s annual GMO Awareness Week coincided with the heating up of the GMO labeling fight in the U.S. Senate. As always, OCA’s Ronnie Cummins participated in the national week of GMO education, by writing an essay and sitting down for an interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Ronnie outlined the long and winding—and highly frustrating—road to where we are now in the GMO labeling fight.

But true to his optimistic faith in the power of the people to set the food and farming system back on the path to regeneration, Ronnie provided a list of steps consumers can take to fight back. They include the need to stop supporting politicians who are in bed with Monsanto and the Big Food/Junk Food pushers, and to get active, get organized, and share information about healthy food and natural health with everyone who will listen.

And of course, our favorite piece of advice: Don’t get mad. Get even. By boycotting GMO and factory-farmed food, clothing, and body care products

Read Ronnie’s essay

Watch Dr. Mercola’s video interview with Ronnie