It’s a topic that we just can’t ignore anymore. It’s true… some
people’s diets can be a little on the gassy side. Now before you
turn your noses up, take a moment to think about how we all might
be able to find a little relief in these matters. Erhum… to
be more specific, a significant amount of greenhouse gases are
generated by how we choose to eat. Industrial agriculture and
long-distance food transportation generates between 20-25% of
all climate destabilizing greenhouse gases in the U.S. and other
industrialized nations. The average conventional food was produced
using petroleum based chemical fertilizers and pesticides, packaged
in petrochemical plastics, refrigerated in electricity-hungry
coolers, and shipped 1500 miles in fuel-inefficient trucks. In
this week’s blog, Ronnie Cummins, National Director of the Organic
Consumers Association, shares the good news about how buying local
and organically grown food can play a significant role in reducing
global warming.
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