Chimicles & Tikellis LLP is investigating a potential class action lawsuit against Aurora Organic Dairy (“Aurora”) following recent reports that Aurora falsely advertises and mislabels its milk as “organic” when, in fact, it is not organic and does not meet the requirements for organic labeling.

One of the key requirements for organic milk is that dairies allow a certain level of cattle grazing to occur throughout the growing season. Cows are required to be grass-fed as opposed to being confined to feedlots and barns. But a recent article in the Washington Post identified that during inspections at Aurora last year, grazing was noticeably sparse.

Furthermore, milk from Aurora indicates that its cows may not graze as required by organic rules. According to the Washington Post, testing conducted by Virginia Tech scientists on Aurora milk revealed that on a key indicator of grass-feeding, Aurora milk matched conventional milk, not organic milk.