Take a Stand Against Spreading Toxic Sludge on Gardens and Farms

Legendary organic chef Alice Waters is an outspoken opponent of using genetically engineered foods. OCA has asked her to take the same strong stand opposing the use of toxic sewage sludge to grow food. The City of San Francisco in the Bay Area where she lives has been deceptively giving away toxic sludge to gardeners and farmers, calling this hazardous material "organic biosolids compost." We want Alice, as the founder of the famous Chez Panisse Restaurant, to add her powerful voice to the fight to stop using gardens and farms as dumps for toxic sewage sludge.

It is especially important because the Executive Director of Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse Foundation is Francesca Vietor, who is also the Vice President of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the agency that has been giving away tons of toxic sludge and deceiving recipients.

The Chez Panisse Foundation promotes Edible Schoolyard’s organic gardens. Obviously its Executive Director, who was appointed to the PUC in 2008 by the Mayor of San Francisco, is conflicted on this issue. She is working for both Alice Waters’ Foundation and for the Public Utilities Commission and the Mayor. Mayor Newsom calls the sewage sludge "very healthy and safe."

Neither Alice Waters nor her foundation have ever made a public statement flatly opposing the growing of any food in toxic sewage sludge.

Join us in asking Alice Waters to publicly oppose growing food in toxic sewage sludge.