SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – Rainforest Action Network Campaign Director Sarah Connolly and Global Exchange Campaign Director Nick Magel today released the following statement in response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s refusal to grant California a waiver allowing the state, rather than the federal government, to lead the way in regulating vehicle greenhouse gas emissions:

“The EPA might as well change its name to the Automakers Protection Agency.

“Let’s be clear: with this decision, the EPA is cowing to the influence of the auto industry rather than protecting the interests and health of the American people.

“We have a short window of time to get greenhouse gas emissions under control. With forty percent of California’s greenhouse gas emissions coming from transportation fuels, establishing vehicle emissions standards is an obvious first step toward protecting the climate and the public health of all Americans.”

California’s AB 1493, also called the Pavley Law, seeks to establish vehicle greenhouse gas pollution standards. A lawsuit filed by the automakers to block implementation of the law was dismissed in federal court December 12.