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Help give polar bears the gift of a future on our planet by signing this Holiday SOS Card to President Bush in support of their protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Please add your name to the card right now — because the polar bear can’t wait. Within the next 30 days, the Bush Administration will either throw polar bears a lifeline — or condemn them to extinction.

Without urgently needed protection, all of Alaska’s polar bears could be extinct in less than 50 years — along with two-thirds of the world’s entire polar bear population.

But there is still hope if the Bush Administration takes action now. That’s why we are asking you — and everyone who cares about polar bears — to help us add 100,000 names to this Polar Bear Holiday SOS Card.

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When you do, you’ll be sending President Bush a message loud and clear during this holiday season: Save Polar Bears Now!

You can also help our campaign to “snowball” by spreading the word to your friends and family by clicking here:

Together, we must create a nationwide show of support for polar bears in the next 30 days — because a North Pole without polar bears is simply unthinkable.

Frances Beinecke President Natural Resources Defense Council

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