WHITEHORSE — A Yukon company is slated to be the world’s first recognized producer of eco-gold.

Mammoth Tusk Gold Inc. is joining the trend of using socially and environmentally sound gold-mining procedures to produce what is known as eco-gold, and is the first to provide government-supported certification. But there is no internationally recognized certification process for eco-gold.

Mammoth Gold officially unveiled its first eco-gold product, a minted one-ounce coin, this week.

The coins come with a document that tracks where the gold has travelled from mining to sale, as well as a letter from the Yukon government stating that the company’s assertions of using environmentally friendly practices are sound.

The coin is made of 100-per-cent Yukon gold, Energy Mines and Resources Minister Archie Lang said.

Until now, international watchdog agencies and advocacy groups say they have not seen any genuine eco-gold product on the market.

Company literature says Mammoth Gold comes from a placer mine in Dominion Creek, owned by Jon Rudolph.

“Placer mines in the Klondike do not use chemicals while mining, and there are no toxic byproducts from the extraction process,” the website says.

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