It’s time to Spook the Ag Committee and Give Monsanto a Fright! Protect ALL Maine Farmers
Oct 31st 3:00 pm in the Cross Office Building

Show the Ag Committee there’s nothing to fear about protecting Maine’s farmers.

The Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry is meeting on Halloween for an update from the stakeholders group that was formed from LD1650 last spring. LD 1650, legislation brought by Protect Maine Farmers to protect all farmers from genetic trespass, was carried over into the upcoming session while a group of stakeholders could convene to discuss options for the bill. That stakeholders group convened by the Department of Agriculture failed to reach any substantial agreement in two meetings.

The Chair of that group, Laughlin Titus, an agronomist sometimes on the payroll of Monsanto will be offering a report back to the committee. The committee will then undertake a work session that could well determine the future of this bill.

We need you to come out and show your support for LD 1650, An Act to Amend the Laws Concerning Genetically Engineered Plants and Seeds. The members of the committee need to know that we are still watching to see if they will decide in favor of all farmers or in favor of the chemical companies. A packed committee room in the off season will really send a strong message to the committee that they can’t pass the buck any longer. The time to protect Maine’s farmers is now!!!

Protect Maine Farmers is urging people if at all possible to come to the report back and work session. Nothing counts as much as bodies in the room. If you just can’t make it, (we know its short notice and Halloween, and we’re sorry) please send an email to the members of the ag committee.  Hope to see you all there.

For more information, please contact Logan Perkins at 615-5158 or