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I was rather stunned to learn that Americans use an average of 1267 plastic bags per person per year. That statistic started my thinking about the immense use of plastic. If that’s just bags, what about all the plastic bottles, cups, straws, lids, etc. that we use for less than an hour and toss? Fast food restaurants buy these items by the gross for customers who just toss them in the trash. Then the restaurant wraps them all up in a bigger plastic bag and hauls them to the dumpster.

Once I began looking more carefully at all of these one-use items in my life, I couldn’t believe the sheer volume of plastic waste that I contributed to on a weekly basis. It wasn’t as concerning initially because I’m good about recycling, but I then I learned that up to 85 percent of these recycled items still end up in the landfill. That’s when I made some real and, believe it or not, painless changes!  I’d like to invite you to read my full article on what I call one-use items at http://www.yourguidetogreen.com/learn/articles

To make it real easy for you we have put together a quick sampler of some items to help you make the switch: http://www.yourguidetogreen.com/shop/products/Order_Your_Bag_Bottle_Bund le_and_Save-134-28.html

You can learn more about how to reduce plastic consumption and sign up to take the Billion Bag Bottle & Bulb Challenge at http://www.yourguidetogreen.com/campaign/

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