I recently received a letter that most people in the community have been dreading — a Wal-Mart in Schnecksville! As a member of this community, I take pride in the local businesses that exist here and do not want them pushed out by this large, inexpensive, overseas purchasing corporation.

As stated on WalMartWatch.com, all these supercenters do is create more traffic, the loss of local businesses and precious farmland and, the scariest of all, increased criminal activity! Who wants that in their backyards? Not me!

In a society that is going ”green,” Wal-Mart is among the least concerned. But, as a tax-paying citizen of North Whitehall Township, I am most concerned. I have started a petition to stop this virus from growing. I look forward to seeing my neighbors join me in this fight at the local township meetings and community gatherings.

Laura Warmkessel

North Whitehall Township

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