Please forward to friends, relatives, and post to your meetup groups.

“Your recipes, teaching style and kindness make you stand out as a great teacher. I highly suggest everyone who has the chance to take classes from you. They will be so glad they did.”

—– Paul Nison raw food author


and tips to help lose weight fast, sleep well, be stronger and clear minded,  gain energy

and glow, save money and the environment, and look and feel your beautiful best in years. 

TASTE delicious, easy recipes the whole family (and your body) will love…..

Why have heart-clogging, fattening, sugary, chemical-laden Standard American Diet (SAD)

when you could enjoy LIVE healthy, organic, nutrient-rich dishes such as (sampled in class)

– Marinated Veggie Kabobs & Raw-B-Q Sauce

– Jicama ‘Tater Salad with Lemon Dill Dressing

– Rawsmati Indian Ryce

– Orange Ginger Gelato

– The gorilla-power energy of a Super Green Smoothie!

“I have enjoyed several of  Eric’s Raw Food classes.  The recipes are delicious and Eric’s culinary touches are exquisite.  He shares his wealth of knowledge, culinary artistry and broad understanding of the principles of a raw food diet. He has personally helped and inspired my husband and I in making the transition to an all raw food diet.  Thank You Eric.”  – Kate Schoch, former natural health and beauty manager, Lakewinds Natural Foods

Advance registration required at all locations.

Highest of  gratitude to all the kind sponsors and coordinators who helped make the Joy of Rawfood a reality for everyone!



Wednesday, September 19th, Terra Bella Cafe, Redondo Beach, CA, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Location: Terra Bella Cafe, 1408 PCH

$45/person, includes food samples & recipe manual

Contact Terra Bella at 310-316-8708 or email



Sunday, September 30th, Tenleytown, DC, 1 – 4 pm

Location: Barb & Rick’s house, 4509 River Rd, Tenleytown, 20016

$65/person, $120 per couple, includes FULL MEAL & recipe manual  

Contact Marsha –   301-312-1642



Saturday, October 6th, Midtown Yoga Festival, Minneapolis, 12 – 2 pm

Location: Midtown Global Market, 920 Lake St., Minneapolis, MN

FREE with tasting samples of delicious recipes

Contact Gaia Richards –

Sample Menu: Rawsmati Indian Ryce with Jicama & Pine nuts, Super Green Smoothie



Saturday October 20  Vancouver, BC, tentative

Sunday October 21,  Whistler, BC, tentative

Location and Cost: TBD

Ellen Atkin,, 778-552-1299

You will be notified soon of details .



What else will you learn?

– The foods humans are and aren’t designed to eat

– Why people succeed or fail on a healthy rawfood diet

– How to satisfy children or non-vegans

– Creative skills to make fresh food more inviting

– Preparing food without harming enzymes or life-force

– Convert, correct, and alter favorite cooked recipes

– The art of ingredient substitution

– Good food combining

– Taste and spice balancing

– Eating raw foods even in cold climates

– Gourmet presentation and garnishing

– Basic knife skills

– Intro to essential equipment and supplies

– Storing produce for maximum nutrition

– Making the best of and how to open with ease young coconuts

– How to save money and reduce global warming by eating live foods

Live Food, Live Planet

Living and Raw Foods are for Everybody!

“Eric really is a Guru and has changed my life….he can make miracles happen… a compassionate, motivating person who has helped me with my health tremendously! – Keiba Blacklidge, Miss Natural Bodybuilder, HI 

“Your lecture & dinner you gave at The Living Temple in Huntington Beach, CA was very helpful to me as I’ve been learning and making the transition to eating raw.  The food you prepared was wonderful!  You have such a gift for knowing what to put together and how to season the food. Your bright and fun-loving spirit was refreshing, too.” Rebecca Pilkenton, Huntington Beach, CA

On behalf of Carver County Public Health, I would like to extend our most sincere thanks for your assistance with the Healthy Living Education Series for Seniors “Radiant Health” seminars. You did such a great job at all the sites Eric, and I am sure all the seniors benefited from your presentation. They asked many good questions and received very helpful information from you! The samples of food you prepared were both delicious and nutritious! Your service to the carver County community is greatly appreciated! I hope we can work together again in the future!  Sincerely —Jane Peterson, Health Educator

“Eric’s an awesome instructor – explains things in layman’s terms, making lots of great recipes simply in gourmet style. Very cool life altering experience!”- Ami B, Mpls

I’m very lucky in many, many ways to have met Eric and to come back to life!!!

I’ve never been happier, healthier and more alive!  – Anni D., Minneapolis

Eric looks younger and younger every time I see him! – Becky Pfluger, Mpls

Thank you, your servitude is vitally important and you are saving lives!

Be blessed in all good that you do!  – Kristine Colette, Mpls

About Live-Foods Chef Eric Rivkin

Rawfood Health Chef and Coach Eric Rivkin inspires and motivates people to build a foundation of sound nutrition principles, eating habits and practical food preparation based on the energy in food.  Eric’s classes glow with science-guided principles and natural health tips, creative culinary techniques and a wide range of easy-to-prepare recipes with delightful flavors and eye-appealing presentation. Simple or gourmet, Eric helps make the transition easy and fun to enjoy the booming Renaissance of plant-based “raw” foods – in their nutrient-preserved state of raw and alive, where nothing is heated above 105F. Eric believes that raw foods is definitely “A Convenient Truth” – Live Foods, Live Planet.

A 10 year “raw-fooder” who miraculously healed allergies and life-threatening diet problems, Eric shares his knowledge in dozens of group classes all over the US and Costa Rica at cooking schools, pot luck gatherings, health spas, restaurants, retreats, senior centers, and culinary conventions.  Learning from top chefs of the Living Light Culinary Institute, Eric is considered the first live-foods chef to teach live-foods to public schoolchildren, American Culinary Federation chapters, and be a sponsor of the Miss USA Pageant to consult titleholders. His “Live-foods for Everyone” message reaches a wide audience – Eric individually consults other rawfood and professional chefs, and people from all walks of life in many cultures. He also donates time to teach third world cultures who steer into sustainable lifestyles.

Eric founded the Viva La Raw Project, a charitable non-profit dedicated to living-foods education, support, nutrition research, soil remineralization, and humane farming. To see worthwhile projects that your monetary or volunteer donations are accomplishing,  (under construction).  DONATE  by secure credit card to Viva La Raw Project on line. The form should read: Viva la Raw Project Donation Page. Fill out the form and you’ll also get a receipt for tax records

His book, To LIVE For! has a wide range of over 250 easy-to-prepare recipes with delightful flavors and eye-appealing presentation. For more information visit

Contact Eric at to order his book, inquire about classes, bookings, and his rawfood community in Costa Rica.

In Health and Gratitude,

Viva La Raw!