You likely know the benefits of eating local food: it’s good for the
local economy, the environment and for family farmers who adhere to
sustainable farming techniques. Plus, you and your family enjoy food
that’s fresher and more flavorful.

With so many good
reasons to put local food on your family’s table, the 12 Twin Cities
natural food co-ops are banding together and inviting their members,
shoppers and community residents to take the Eat Local Challenge.

challenge encourages community members to try to commit to consuming 80
percent of their diet ”“ or four out of five food items””from local
sources from Aug. 15 through Sept. 15 (a four-week period that just
happens to be during peak harvest season for many produce items).

don’t think strictly about fruit and vegetables. At your co-op, you’ll
find a number of locally produced dairy, cheese, bakery, herbs and
meat/poultry items as well. Just look for the round, green and black
“Local” sticker or ask any co-op staff person for assistance.

creating a number of in-store and online materials ”“ including sample
menus and in-season produce lists ”“ to help you succeed. They’ll be
available here and at your co-op by Aug. 13, so keep an eye out for
them. Plus, we’re creating an online blog, which you’ll find on this
, so you can share your local food experience with others in the

We’re hoping this will be a fun, educational
experience ”“ one you may choose to continue beyond the “official”
four-week challenge. And remember, there’s no contract to sign; it’s
simply an honor-based system designed to help all of us make wise,
thoughtful choices about the food we eat. So won’t you join us by
taking the Eat Local Challenge?

Eat Local Sample Menus

4 Reasons to Eat Local, In-Season Produce Guide