Earlier this month, I contacted you about HR 2720 (also known as
FARM 21), Rep. Kind’s exciting new bill that would limit government subsidies of
unhealthy foods and provide more money for nutrition and food assistance
programs for Americans. In response to PCRM’s call to action, many of you called
and e-mailed your representative about cosponsoring this groundbreaking bill,
and we appreciate your help. I wanted to let you know that HR 2720 will be heard
on the floor of the House during the week of July 23. Only 21 out of 435
representatives have co-sponsored the bill. That means we have work to

To find out if your representative is a cosponsor of the bill, click here.
If you haven’t already contacted your representative, please do so

Here’s how you can help:

Call your
and politely ask her or him to cosponsor FARM 21 (HR 2720).
Phone calls are an extremely effective way to communicate with Congress. After
you’ve made your call, send a
follow-up e-mail

HR 2720 would be beneficial for farmers wanting to produce healthy
foods and for Americans wanting to eat a healthful diet. FARM 21’s subsidy
reforms will also make money available for nutrition programs that will enhance
every American’s ability to eat a healthy diet.

With your help, we can change the Farm Bill. Please send this
e-mail to your friends and family and ask them to take action. Encouraging your
representative to cosponsor HR 2720 (FARM 21) will help lower the rates of
obesity and chronic disease. Please feel free to contact me at kash@pcrm.org if you have any