Let’s reconsider this whole Wal-Mart situation.

Wal-Mart is THE world leader in retail business. By all accounts, it would be the sixth largest company in the world just on international purchases. Remember Wal-Mart builds NOTHING other than places to do business! And can only stay in business so long as people spend their money in that store.

The people of Hernando County should be welcoming Wal-Mart into their hearts and minds to take over the operations of our whole county.

Obviously, the county commissioners who disregard their own laws and regulations are not competent to do so. Wal-Mart can build things. It can not only do ordinary business efficiently, but actually show a profit while meeting local, state and federal laws and regulations. Sure they have been caught with their hand in the pie a couple times but local politicians have been caught dozens of times and occasionally end up in jail.

So let Wal-Mart run Hernando County completely and we will get a 50 percent reduction in taxes and fees within two years — no problem. Think of it as a back-to-basics sale. Do you really care if your asphalt comes from China? Of course not. Most everything we buy is made there all ready.

Maybe Americans can learn to make those cute little drink umbrellas for the Asians? They can say: “Made in the U.S.A.” When’s the last time you saw that on an item you bought? Welcome to Wal-Mart County – What happens here leaves here.

Doug Adams lives in Spring Hill.