Ponders Restrictions on Big-Box Stores [Washington Post]
From Springfield
to Reston, big-box retail stores are a fixture of Fairfax County’s commercial
corridors. Eight Targets. Six Home Depots. Five Best Buys. The list goes on, and
the design is largely the same: hulking one-story buildings, sprawling parking
lots and not a pedestrian in sight.

One would think that it’s a bit late
for the region’s largest jurisdiction to reshape the way large-scale stores are
built, but Fairfax is considering doing exactly that. Officials are looking at
making big-box stores build up instead of out, fit better into existing
neighborhoods and leave less of a blemish on the environment — and the eye. And
with more and more proposals popping up to redevelop aging shopping districts
into vibrant town centers, there is likely to be ample opportunity, officials
say, to put the new restrictions to work.