A special issue of the international science journal Ambio contains “The Madison Declaration on Mercury Pollution.”

This is a synopsis of the latest scientific knowledge about the danger posed by mercury pollution, presenting 33 findings from five synthesis papers prepared by the world’s leading mercury scientists.

They conclude that the risks posed by fish contaminated with mercury call for a worldwide general warning to the public, especially to children and women of childbearing age.

The declaration confirms that eating fish is the primary way most people are exposed to highly toxic methylmercury, and that exposure to this toxin now constitutes a public health problem. Other concerning findings include:

* On average, three times more mercury is falling from the sky today than before the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago.  
* There is now solid scientific evidence of methylmercury’s toxic health effects, particularly to the human fetus.  
* New evidence indicates that methylmercury exposure may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, particularly in adult men.

AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment 36(1): 62?66

EurekAlert March 8, 2007

Dr. Mercola’s Comment:

I have been warning about the health risks associated with eating mercury-contaminated fish for some time, and now the world’s leading mercury scientists are calling for worldwide attention to this serious issue. Mercury is extremely toxic, and it only takes a few milligrams of mercury to kill you.

It is very sad that pollution has made it extremely difficult to find safe fish, as fish would otherwise be an incredibly healthy food. The only way I advocate eating fish is if you first have it lab tested to make sure it is free of mercury (and other harmful pollutants like PCBs). Otherwise, it simply is not worth the risk. Meanwhile, if you have been eating fish you can calculate your mercury risk if you are interested.

The media and this site are loaded with the evidence documenting the benefits of regularly consuming omega-3 fats from fish. If you previously thought you were doing yourself a favor by ordering fish in the restaurant, hopefully this study will convince you that you were misguided. Farmed fish are even worse and that is the only option in most restaurants you frequent.

So find yourself a healthy source of oral omega-3 fats and take them daily. Remember flax is great but insufficient to provide all the omega-3 benefits you have read about.

My favorite recommendation for omega-3 is a high-quality krill or fish oil. Consuming these regularly is one of the healthiest choices you can make for you and your family.

On Vital Votes, biochemist Russ Bianchi adds:

 “Autism … [is] a direct result of exposure to such heavy metal toxicity.

 “Significantly reduce or eliminate such exposure, & health is improved.

 “The EPA has done much empirical work on the subject, & there are several actuarial studies (in the confines of insurance life expectancy research) also linking proximity to major freeways, petro chemical/oil refineries & wind currents from them, turnpikes, & automotive or rail thoroughfares, with ADVERSE, and high levels, of air borne heavy metal exposure …

 “Our global fisheries are way over stressed, polluted & essentially will be  extinct in very short order (less than one generation by most reasonable estimates).

 “We reap what we sow, or in this case, we catch what we pollute …”

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