There are several Step It Up actions taking place in Los Angeles.  Here in the Westchester area, we’ve planned an action for our neighborhood.  This coincidentally places us right alongside Los Angeles International Airport, the fifth largest airport in the world.  Since air travel is a major issue in the climate action battle, this seemed so appropriate.

The Step It Up 2007 invitation said to choose an iconic location – we opted for the most visible spot in our part of town.  We’ll be marching along one of the three primary boulevards by which taxis and limos access LAX airport. Rather than speakers and presenters focused on the participants, we chose to host a march which projected our message to the greatest number of people. As we march along Sepulveda Blvd, all those airport commuters will see our signs and banners.

One of our organizers is a member of the local clergy association, as well as a member of California Interfaith Power and Light, and he’s made a point of inviting all the local faith communities to join our march.  We’ve invited the local schools as well, and teamed up with the environmental club at local Loyola Marymount University.  We’re submitting articles to the local community newspapers, and news of the march is being circulated on community email lists.  Our local city councilmember’s office is supportive of our effort, helping us with permits.  It is possible the councilmember might attend our march.

Being part of the Step It Up effort has been very exciting, and we hope to get the message across to legislators loud and clear: Step It Up, Congress: Cut Carbon 80% by 2050!

Thank you for the great idea of a campaign where the action takes place within our neighborhoods and communities.