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WASHINGTON – Just weeks after Microsoft Corporation dropped its support for the controversial American Legislative Exchange Council, also known as ALEC, major organizations across the country have written a letter to Google executives asking for the corporation follow suit. Microsoft’s exit was likely due to ALEC’s extreme views that have become increasingly out of touch with Microsoft’s culture and corporate ideology.

During ALEC’s recent meetings held in Dallas, ALEC officers and corporate lobbyists held training seminars to teach legislators how to block legislation that encourages clean energy solutions. Just two weeks ago, ALEC wrote a letter to the Federal Communications Commission in support of the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger in which they signal their opposition to net neutrality. Both Microsoft and Google have been global leaders on net neutrality and expanding clean energy.

“Over the past two years, hundreds of thousands of Americans have signed petitions in order to ask that you take this step because of the role ALEC has played in subverting our democratic process,” the letter states. “The public knows that the ALEC operation-which brings state legislators and corporate lobbyists behind closed doors to discuss proposed legislation and share lavish dinners-threatens our democracy. The public is asking Google to stop participating in this scheme.”

Over the past two years over 80 corporations and at least 400 state legislators have dropped their membership in ALEC due to its unpopular stances and increasingly tight relationship with right-wing dark money groups. ALEC has been called a “dating service” for politicians and corporate lobbyists and is known for pushing an extreme corporate agenda at the expense of the American people.