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Jon Queally in “Amid Populist Surge, Hillary Clinton to Wall Street’s Rescue?” discusses a Tuesday NYT’s article that suggests that Hillary Clinton is viewed as a “solution” by Wall Street in relation to all the unsettling populist calls for “stronger economic reforms and regulations.”

It seems that Hillary Clinton’s upcoming presidential nomination by many progressive/Dem cronies is viewed as a sure thing, a veritable cakewalk, a heralded “coronation” exercise.

As long as Hillary Clinton can master the Obama doublespeak this very well may happen. Talk the populism talk generally enough but walk the corporate walk, offering the corporatists enough of a wink and a nod to hang with her. Decry the Republicans as being the sell-outs and portray herself and the Dems as trying hard to fight those Republican obstructionists.

Hillary Clinton’s celebrity status will help snow many low information voters/fans so very willing not to connect any dots between their own economic struggles and Hillary’s, like Obama’s and even husband Bill’s, realpolitik coalitions.

Queally sees Hillary as politically playing the “triangulation” game similar to her husband Bill’s. “Tacking to the political right as a way to curry favor with Republican and corporate interests but doing so in a way that ameliorates the objections of progressives and liberals” he writes. Queally sees Bill Clinton’s nineties’ financial deregulation as the set up for the country’s massive economic crash and the subsequent suffering of the non-elite classes.