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We don’t typically think of seafood as seasonal. If you go to the supermarket, many types of fish are available year-round. But not all seafood is created equal. If you care about fresh seafood, sustainable fisheries and protecting our oceans – and eating fish that is healthier for you and your family — it pays to know what fish are in season.

Five Tips to Choosing Sustainable Seafood

1. Choose local seafood if possible, and always choose domestic over imported 

2. Choose wild  If it’s farmed, choose seafood that is from the U.S., especially in low- or no- output, recirculating systems 

3. Favor fish caught by hook and line, handline, troll (not to be confused with “trawl” fishing, which can be very destructive), jig or speargun 

4. Avoid fish that are high in mercury, PCBs or farmed fish that are given antibiotics[1]