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 The “military industrial complex” has become the military industrial government… It doesn’t stop with the military; other industries seem to have taken over our healthcare, banking, food and agriculture at the federal level as well.

 To say that your civil liberties are in jeopardy would be a gross understatement, and while spy drones and the reintroduction of yet another cyber security bill1 may seem off topic for a health website, remember that your right to learn about, apply, and buy alternative health strategies and products may not be as inalienable as you might think anymore.

 The US government is hard at work suppressing and limiting your rights to choose your own health care and your right to take control of your own health in a wide variety of ways.

 Health freedom and civil liberties are under attack from every conceivable angle, which is why you simply cannot afford to stay idle any longer.

 Any attack on your civil liberties will eventually affect your right to choose what foods you want to buy, the supplements you want to take, and the healing modalities you want to pursue to stay healthy.