New National Organic Food Buying Club: The Green Polka Dot Box is Open for Organic Business

New Online Buying Collective Membership of 12,000+ Members Opens for Business by Offering 1500+ Organic and Natural, Non-GMO Foods and Products through the Green PolkaDot Box.

December 21, 2011 | Source: Benzinga | by

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The Green PolkaDot Box™ founder Rod A. Smith and the Smith family, are pleased to announce the much anticipated launch of The Green PolkaDot Box Website, an online membership buying collective for Organic, Natural, and Non-GMO foods and products.

Smith says The Green PolkaDot Box (GPDB) is a membership organization intended to grow to become the largest, most influential “buying collective” in America with the mission of allowing affordable access to “clean” organic foods through an educational grass roots approach.

“The time has finally arrived for consumers who eat healthy to break through the high price barrier that, until now, allowed only the wealthy to enjoy healthful organic and natural foods,” said Rod A. Smith, The Green PolkaDot Box Founder.

The GPDB offers a growing number of over 15,000 products including products from well-known companies like Eden Organics, Annie’s Home Grown, Bragg, Pangea Organics, Nutiva, Justin’s, Happy Baby, Bob’s Red Mill, and Blue Diamond. Sariah Smith, Lead Buyer and Account Manager for the Green PolkaDot Box, is also excited to introduce less well-known, but also wonderful product companies, like Ambrosial Granola, Better Life, La Yapa and many others.