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Billed as the up-and-coming “ of the natural food industry,” the Green PolkaDot Box company has now opened its (online) doors and is shipping discounted foods, nutritional supplements, natural home care and personal care products straight to consumers at direct-to-consumer prices. Their launch was later than expected, of course. We had hoped they would be online in October, but it took some extra programming work to get their member rewards program working smoothly, and the good news is that members who joined a couple of months ago are now already accumulating rewards points and using them to get free groceries, supplements, superfoods and other health-enhancing products delivered to their front door (in green boxes, no less).

I’m really happy to see Green PolkaDot Box launch., the Organic Consumers Association and the Institute for Responsible Technology all got behind this concept several months ago, helping to publicize the upcoming launch of the company. We all believe that Whole Foods needs some competition to deliver organic products (and non-GMO products) at more competitive prices, and Green PolkaDot Box is suddenly positioned as the most promising company to take on that important role.

Some in the industry taunted GPDB, pessimistically saying their concept could never be achieved and that they would never open their doors. But just a few days ago, the critics were silenced as GPDB opened its doors and began shipping out hundreds of orders! Right now, its members are saving money and even earning free groceries thanks to their referral rewards benefits