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Occupy Wall Street won big yesterday when Bloomberg and the owners of Zucotti Park opted to postpone their “clean-up”-and avoid confrontation that some protesters feared would provoke violence towards them. Today, Occupy Wall Street spreads to a thousand cities across six continents, and there’s presently a massive protest in New York attended by thousands, many of whom are closing their accounts with big banks along the way. The best way to keep up with realtime happenings is, of course, twitter (we’re feeling the missives from TheOther99), but there are a lot of updates from around the world:

At Occupy Tokyo-where, writes Mishima, “anger against the moneyed class doesn’t usually exist”-protests were held across the city, including near Goldman Sachs branch and near the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Unsurprisingly, some of the anti-Wall Street signs were combined with a disdain for nukes.

In London, thousands took to the streets for a march and protest… and guess who showed up? Julian Assange, who arrived by escort wearing the Guy Fawkes mask that hacktivist group Anonymous has adopted as its unofficial mascot. “Wherever corruption starts in the world,” he said, “It ends in London.”