A Letter to the Organic Movement From The Organic Spies

The Organic Spies are 100% committed to reform, transparency and a strong future for the Organic Trade Association. Accepting and identifying that we, as the organic movement have failed on labeling GE (Genetically Engineered) foods is the first...

June 6, 2011 | Source: Organic Spies | by

The Organic Spies are 100% committed to reform, transparency and a strong future for the Organic Trade Association.  Accepting and identifying that we, as the organic movement, have failed on labeling GE (Genetically Engineered) foods is the first step towards political reform.    An estimated 25% – 35% of U.S. farmland is GE crops and growing.


As the only policy and lobbying organization in the U.S. representing organics, the OTA must deliver victories, results, massive media awareness and political education about the global destruction by Monsanto – the largest owner of GE seeds – not just policies and a few lawsuits that are mostly led by others.  Lawsuits against Monsanto over the past century related to Agent Orange, DDT, PCB’s & Dioxin have yielded minimal results compared to the deaths and lifelong injuries these products have caused.  Monsanto has mastered the art of litigation.  All methods and tactics, including vigorous litigation, must be deployed and more financial resources must be committed.


Small farmers and product companies must be on the OTA board with business executives that are committed to improving the abysmal health of this country and not just sell organic food that is highly processed with excess cane sugar and salt.   The rank and file staff at the OTA and the organic movement deserve better than the current board members.  Our goal is to ensure that the OTA finds new board members, so the OTA staff will be more successful and not worry about competing conflict of interests when implementing policy that board members do not support.   A continuation of the same old policy and strategy on the GE crisis is no longer acceptable.


The positive response from Christine Bushway in her letter and the OTA staff on Facebook are proving that the OTA realizes they must take decisive action now and produce a victory that the organic movement needs. If the board and leaders of the OTA feel too much pressure from our documentary, how are they strong enough to challenge Monsanto’s iron grip on U.S. politicians and reach the organic movement’s goal of GE labeling? The organic community cannot wait another three years to confront this issue! 


Our Short Documentary is based upon facts that we provide at the end of this letter and links on our Facebook info page.  These include salaries, stock sales, political donations and policy positions.  We are offering information to inform OTA members, employees and most importantly, the organic movement.  If banning or labeling GE foods has occurred in 30 other countries that do not have a 6,500 member Organic Trade Association, why has it not happened in the U.S with the powerful OTA?  The OTA must take a hard look at themselves and identify why they have not produced a GE labeling victory.  No progress with GE labeling will be made with a board of directors that can not reform the companies they represent.


By reading the philosophy of the pioneering authors, activists and doctors of the sustainable agriculture, organic and health movement, such as Jamie Oliver, Birke Baehr, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Mercola, Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Kessler, Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser and countless others, they all agree that highly processed, factory farmed GE foods, with excess sugar, salt and fat are destroying our civilization.  Dean Foods, General Mills, Smuckers, Breyer’s, Quaker Oats and Sara Lee are the companies that all of these pioneers listed above are rallying against for poisoning our country.  The current OTA board members represent businesses that are not in the business of selling food.  They are in the business of selling chemicals, preservatives and shelf lives with creative marketing tricks to children.  Anyone who is vigorously defending the companies of these board members is either conflicted by money, favors or friendship that they or their organizations receive from these board members or their companies.  These blind followers must instead put the greater good of our nation’s health over their own personal biases.  The organic movement is about integrity, and 90% of the products from the corporate empires of Dean Foods, General Mills, Smuckers , Breyer’s, Quaker Oats and Sara Lee have no integrity.


People are inquiring about the identity of the Organic Spies. Why would anyone subject themselves to the massive Legal and PR budgets of a group of companies with $40 Billion in annual sales combined that Dean Foods, Smuckers, General Mills and Chuck Marcy’s past business represent? Tim Smucker alone is worth over $100 million. These companies have no regard for the health of this country and the obesity epidemic that is killing our loved ones. They would do everything they can to suppress our movement of truth. To us, organics is the root of a chemical free lifestyle that is the foundation of so many people’s lives.


Strong leaders welcome investigations, new information, disclosure and their own annual evaluation to produce victories and accept responsibility for failure, so others will join in support.  The Organic Spies join in support to reform the OTA and help the organic movement chart a successful course towards GE Labeling that cannot be accomplished without the OTA.


We are recommending that every small organic farmer and product company become a member of the OTA today and vote out the board members we have identified that work for companies that profit from GE foods. If the OTA is unable to find new ethical board members in this year’s election, a separate 100% Organic Trade Association must be formed.



Documentary Links Proving Corruption at The OTA Board


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