April 21, 2011
Organic Consumers Association
Alexis Baden-Mayer
April 21, 2011

Both Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe's have non-GMO policies for their store-brand products, but don't extend the same prohibition to other foods sold in their stores. Whole Foods Market admits selling unlabeled foods made with genetically modified organisms and Trader Joe's has never claimed to be a GMO-free grocery store.

In addition to being limited to store-brand products, the stores' non-GMO policies extend only to ingredients made from GMO crops and milk from cows injected with rBGH (genetically modified bovine growth hormone). Neither store blocks ingredients from animals raised on genetically modified feed, even though such animals are less nutritious, more prone to disease and infertility, and the source of most food-borne illnesses.

Here's what you can do:

1. Distribute our online petitions:

Whole Foods Market Petition

Trader Joe's Petition

2. Take Millions Against Monsanto posters, petitions, flyers and do-it-yourself GMO labels to your local Whole Foods Market or Trader Joe's. You'll find all the materials you need here.

Watch OCA's Video on how to do a GMO Food Dump Here:

3. Go to Whole Foods Market or Trader Joe's, fill up a shopping cart, take it to the register, and tell the clerk that you only want to buy the products that don't have any genetically modified ingredients (including ingredients that come from factory farms where animals are fed genetically modified feed or given genetically modified growth hormones or vaccines). Document your visit with a video, photos, or a first-hand account and send it to us.

Here's what happened when OCA did this at the Whole Foods Market in San Francisco.

4. If you'd like to get together with other Millions Against Monsanto activists for your trip to Whole Foods Market or Trader Joe's, pick a date, time and location, and we'll invite everyone on our list in your area. Send us the details!

5. If you're on Facebook, create an Event, invite your friends, and we'll distribute it to our fans on Facebook if you send the link to us.

6. You can connect with other Millions Against Monsanto activists on this Facebook page and this Facebook group.

And through your local Millions Against Monsanto chapter: