Interview with Renowned Scientist David Suzuki on the Future of the Planet

Joseph Roberts: How did it all begin?...

March 26, 2014 | Source: Common Grounds | by Joseph Roberts

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Joseph Roberts: How did it all begin?

David Suzuki: We started when the Worldwatch Institute said it’s the turnaround decade. We thought we were only going to be here for 10 years. So we said every dollar we raise we’re going to spend because we don’t have time. Who would’ve imagined that 20 years later we’d still be here and that conditions would be worse.

JR: And it hasn’t turned around.

DS: No. We’ve had five years now of the most anti-environmental government we’ve ever had. We have a leader who claims the economy is his highest priority, proroguing parliament to focus on the economy and yet a leading economist like Sir Nicholas Stern says if we don’t deal with climate change it’s going to destroy the global economy. Our prime minister has never, ever, said this is an important issue affecting Canada and we’ve got to do something.

JR: My concern now is the way global economics is actually speeding up the destruction. With the UN declaring 2011 the International Year of the Forest and we have less than a third of the forest left on this planet, what is to be done?