Coming Soon: Eight Months of Millions Against Monsanto

January 27, 2011 | Alexis Baden-Mayer

Organic Consumers Association

OCA is planning 8 months of Millions Against Monsanto actions and adventures that will only get more fun and be more effective the more supporters we draw into the campaign through the petition.

February – Millions Against Monsanto Guerrilla Labeling – "Warning: This 'food' was likely produced on a factory farm and may contain genetically modified organisms."

March – Month Without Monsanto –

April – Monsanto Ad Busters Part 1 – Monsanto ad modifications.

May – Monsanto Ad Busters Part 2 – Create and distribute mock Monsanto ads.

June – Millions Against Monsanto Personal Shoppers – "Ask Me How to Avoid GMOs and Factory Farmed 'Food'"

July – Millions Against Monsanto Local Legislature Lobbying

August – Millions Against Monsanto Congressional Lobbying

September – Millions Against Monsanto State Legislative Lobbying

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What happens after we collect and deliver the 1,000,000-person petition?

There aren't many causes that can boast 93% support in the polls and 1,000,000 organized supporters. Millions Against Monsanto is going to be powerful!

The Millions Against Monsanto campaign will focus its power on:

Politics: Pressing the politicians at the local, state and federal level to pass laws that protect consumers' right to know whether our food is contaminated with genetically modified organisms or comes from factory farms.

Retailers: Pressing the country's top food retailers to adopt voluntarily truth-in-labeling.

USDA: Pressing President Obama and the US Department of Agriculture to phase out factory farms and place a moratorium on the use of genetically modified organisms in agriculture and food. This means giving up the idea of "coexistence" between organic farms, the GMO crops that threaten to contaminate the organic seed supply, and the factory farms that pollute the land, air and water with animal waste, synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, antibiotic resistant bacteria, food-borne illnesses, and greenhouse gases.

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